Homescreen goes to HTC loading screen when exiting an app, or even from app drawer

This is a discussion on Homescreen goes to HTC loading screen when exiting an app, or even from app drawer within the HTC Incredible Help forums, part of the HTC Incredible Assistance category; do you use widget locker? if so- thats the reason however there is a fix....

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    do you use widget locker?

    if so- thats the reason however there is a fix.

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    I've been having this problem recently, but its sporadic. When I had a Droid 1, I would get frequent home screen redraws when exiting apps because the launcher process was being stopped or memory was being taken away from it. I wonder if this is kind of the same thing, where the sense launcher ends up closing, so when you go back home it has to relaunch first.

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    I actually ended up doing a restore from titanium backup. That fixed my problem and I haven't had it since.


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    Still no known fixes for this?

    Incredible, 2.2, Not Rooted.

    Have had this issue since the OTA 2.2 upgrade. Its getting really old, but I dont want to do a factory reset and lose everything :/

    Do not have spare parts app on my phone.

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    Factory reset. It's the recommended course of action for phones that have weird post-OTA issues. If you use Google to back up your contacts, you won't lose them. Any paid apps from Market will be available to re-download after the reset; you can also use AppBrain as an alternative. You'll lose text messages but you can back those up to gmail if you're concerned about that. What else are you concerned about?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derevas Alden Munro View Post
    I am having this same problem. I get the HTC screen then the loading box after exiting any program. doesnt matter which one. It seemed to start after I downloaded and installed spare parts. I have since deleted that but it still happens. Could some of the settings from that app still be active, and if so, which settings would cause this? Thanks.


    Edit: Battery pull has no effect.

    Happened to me when I first got 2.2. My problem is that every time I use Astro to close down some processes (skype, cityid, amazon...) and when I exit Astro, I'll get the Rosie reload (crash). I've since moved all the crapware out of the system with root explorer, I never got the Rosie reload again. Maybe because I've never have to close any unwanted processes since.

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    This problem just started happening within the last couple of days. Annoying as hell. I don't even have to exit an app - just switching screens some times triggers Rosie. I 'm reluctant to do a factory restart. I've done it before and it's a pain. I also noticed that there have been no posts added since the middle of October. Has the thread gone elsewhere? D'Inc.

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    Just an update -- I tried a factory reset. Got my phone all set up again, and bam, still had this issue.

    Someone mentioned widget locker, which i never had, but it got me thinking. I did have Quick Desk, another home alternative which runs over top of sense.

    I uninstalled Quick Desk, did get this error maybe once or twice immediately after, but havent had it since. So seems like running a home screen alternative on top of sense may cause memory issue in which sense will occasionally reset.

    Ive been problem free for several weeks now since uninstalling Quick Desk. Shame, it was a really cool app, but I hated having to wait for sense to reload so often.

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