Incredible ADR6300/6350 & Bluetooth Issues

This is a discussion on Incredible ADR6300/6350 & Bluetooth Issues within the HTC Incredible General Discussion forums, part of the HTC Incredible Discussion category; I have a 245 Plantronics, that I used with another Cellphone LG enVtouch with no problems, and recently I upgraded to the Incredible 2 (ADR6350). ...

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    Incredible ADR6300/6350 & Bluetooth Issues

    I have a 245 Plantronics, that I used with another Cellphone LG enVtouch with no problems, and recently I upgraded to the Incredible 2 (ADR6350). The Plantronics, paired just fine, and I have been using since 19 Jun, and twice in a week period, I was unable to connect. Plantronics has a full charge.

    I went to Settings; Wireless & Networks of the Incredible 2, and it shows 245Plantronics as recognized, however not connected.

    I tried enabling Bluetooth or Scan for Bluetooth devices, both would Gray out. And my thinking was if you purchased another Bluetooth and wanted to pair, you could not. I even tried powering down and back up a couple times, same problem.

    I tried to use my Incredible ADR6300, same problem, I could Pair, but the 245Plantronics would not connect.

    I then went to Verizon and the Sales Rep. removed the battery as a form of resetting, and without doing anything else, Bluetooth was back to working. Sales Rep. had no answer to why, cause or if this was a common problem.

    I asked if this was a inherent problem with the Incredible, not that he knew of, and asked if this will happen again, his reply was probably not.

    2 days later it happened again. Problem is removing the cover to access the battery is a pain, especially with or without fingernails. And now what is the frequency this may happen, is annoying and frustrating.

    Does any one know the cause, if this is a ongoing problem with the Incredible ADR6300 or the ADR6350 ? Or do you know of a solution other than removing the battery each time? Possibly an app, that release and renews the option to Scan for Devices?

    Thank you, Doc
    Regards, D.R. "Doc" Young -

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    When you wrote "enable bluetooth" do you mean turn it on?
    If it is showing paired but not connected that means you should not have to make it go into discover mode to connect your existing.
    Correct me if I'm wrong but it sounds like your stating your bluetooth will not turn on without a battery removal? Yes if your bluetooth will not turn on you can't change any of the settings .
    I've gone and looked at any possible plan B but unless you can turn on your bluetooth none of them would be possible.
    You're not in Airplane made are you?
    My only suggestion would be look on the market for a bluetooth widget by Curve Fish and maybe it will turn on there.
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    Hello Mountainbikermark,

    Bluetooth was working, I never turned the 245Plantronics off, and it has a full charge.

    I went to the Incredible2's Settings, tapped Wireless and Networks

    Airplane Mode is Not checked/not on/but disabled
    WiFi is Enabled/Connected to my Network
    Bluetooth check box is not checked/enabled/turned on
    Bluetooth settings has no check box, however recognizes 245 Plantronics, but not connected

    1st was to Enable/Turn Bluetooth by checking the box. Which almost immediately Un-checks itself and grays out.

    2nd, I tapped Bluetooth settings and the next screen appears showing another Bluetooth check box Not Checked to Turn on.

    3rd, I attempted to tap/check Turn on Bluetooth, and as the 1st step, the option un-checked and grayed out almost immediately.

    Under Device Name: shows 245Plantronics
    Discoverable: is Grayed out

    4th I tap Enable/Turn on Bluetooth, tap Discoverable and tap Scan for Devices

    All options Gray out.

    Something I would of done also, had I had a different Bluetooth Device, to narrow down the problem, process of elimination to see it it was the Phone or Bluetooth.

    I even re-booted the phone a couple of times, the above process same thing.

    I then went to Verizon, and the Sales Rep. removed the Incredible2 battery, replaced and Bluetooth was working again with the Incredible2 and no explanation of what may have been the problem.

    There was no need to perform Discoverable or Scan for Devices, just check the Bluetooth box to turn on/enable.

    So it appears by removing the battery causes for Memory/RAM settings to dump, allowing the Incredible2 to connect to Bluetooth, Scan for Devices and become Discoverable, if need be.

    However, 2 days later...the same thing happens and this time I removed the Incredible2's battery, replaced and the Bluetooth was working again. So something is interrupting communication between the 245Plantronics and the Incredible2, to drop the communication signal. Unknown if an App is interfering, or something else I am doing with the phone at the time or an outside source is interrupting the communication.

    And it may be the 245Plantronics. So either I plug in the wired ear & mic, or removed the Incredible's battery each time, or purchase another Bluetooth device and see if the problem replicates itself.

    Also in researching if someone else is experiencing the same issue, I read that wiping the phones Cache may resolve the issue. So if it happens again, I will use Astro to wipe/dump the Cache and see if I can connect again, without removing the phone's battery.

    However, I am the recipient of "Murphy's Law" many times over. I will look into widgets by Curvefish, thank you and I apologize if I was not clear on explaining, I am on a learning curve....CPL USMC Vietnam, Firedoc, Doc Holliday/Savage

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    Unpair it from your old phone.

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    The old phone was replaced by the Incredible2, and that LG enV Touch is not here or turned on. It has happened now 3 times in 3 days, this time I was talking and then nothing with the Bluetooth. I checked the Wireless & Network phone Bluetooth settings, all grayed out.

    I even had installed the Widget by CurveFish OnOff Bluetooth, same thing, that Widget cannot turn the Bluetooth back on. And there is a WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G Hotspot, Mobile Broadband Widget, that you can tap the Bluetooth icon to enable/turn on the phones Bluetooth and it will not connect either.

    So 3 different Apps/Widgets/Setting tools will not reset the Bluetooth, nor will Wiping the Cache....the minute you remove the Incredible2's battery, and re-insert, power back up, the Bluetooth is back working without doing anything....its Magical...just a pain in the &^$% to have to remove the battery each time.

    Now the frequency is daily...but does not happen away from my residence...probably the garage door opener interferes ha ha, disrupts the communication. Or someone is causing this breakdown in communication.

    I also run a wired/wireless network and from time to time, one of the PC's drop off the WiFi Grid...which usually only requires right click network tray icon and select repair.

    Something you cannot do with this SmartPhone...which I am finding out more and more, not so Smart....which that can go for me too. Thanks for asking/commenting....enjoy IA.....Doc

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    MtnBiker, sorry the Widget Bluetooth OnOff

    Did not solve the issue with the Connectivity of the Bluetooth and Incredible2. It happened again, the Widget I tried first, then the Incredible2's Settings, still grayed out. And then I tried using Astro Preferences to Clear other Internal Cache, and that did not work.

    So far the only solution is removing both protective cases and remove the Incredible's battery and re-insert, Power on and Bluetooth is back working without doing anything else. As Powering down and back up does not work either...only removing the battery.

    Again thank you....enjoy your SmartPhone.....Doc

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    its not you - its HTC Inc 2 - has a software problem.

    I called Verizon today after experiencing many of the same issues... and I'm absolutely furious at Verizon (another issue).

    Basically, they said that according to HTC, they have noted a glitch in their software as it relates to bluetooth recognition and at this time, they do not have a solution. He basically blamed me for not returning the phone within the 14 day window, and that if I knew it didn't work, why is it that I was calling a month later... I went on to say this is a glitch in their product and I wanted a suitable replacement... i.e., a thunderbolt (which is not that beneficial to me as I live in an area that will not have 4g until 2013) or an Iphone (Iphone wasn't an option), they agreed to replace it with a thunderbolt for fifty dollars and on top of that, I would have to pay for a new case (which I had to do when I bought the new Incredible).

    He basically said they warranty the hardware, data, and voice... and that they do not warranty the software of HTC - and that its their problem and not theirs... I was so furious at his passing the buck... I hung up to fight another day.

    Anyway ladies and gents... it seems as though its our problem and not theirs.

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    Thank you Statona, sorry you had to have that experience....its something I experience all to often with Computer products, be it HP, Kodak, Printers, TV's, Qwest Not So Fast Internet Service Provider, etc. We pay hundreds and thousands of dollars trusting the name, and are made to feel we are to blame. As with Qwest charging me for a year of a service I was not getting, because someone forgot to flip a switch. And why did you wait a year to inform us. I would think they would know their Customer's connectivity speeds and upload/download speed.

    Back to the Incredible, we had this problem early on of the upgrade to the Incredible2, and the Verizon Sale Rep. did not offer or suggest we returned the phone. Rather performed the battery removal and as if magic, that is all we needed to do, and he even said, it probably will not happen again. As I asked about any inherent problems with the phone. He replied with not that he knows of.

    However, he is not a Technician and you take them for their word. And it had happened twice since we went to Verizon. And how does the person you spoke with, know for a fact the problem lies with the software.

    Usually with a known defect/common problem, the Manufacture puts out a notice, either e-mailed directly to you informing you of an issue you may experience and an option. Just as there are Recalls on automobiles or other products. It may not be a Recall Issue, more of your Incredible2 needs an upgrade, supplied by HTC/Verizon for Free, since it is not our fault. As done when an Operating System is found to have Security Defects by the Manufacture OEM.

    We had an issue with a LG by Verizon, battery overheating or Phone just shuts down, no warning. First Verizon suggested to run an Upgrade to the Phones software, and performed it there in the Verizon Store. That did not solve the problem and we upgrade the Battery to the Extended battery, which requires a new case. So Verizon takes advantage of Glitches and we continue to pay extra.

    And since I upgraded to the Incredible 1, my wife liked all that it could do and upgraded to the Incredible2. Also, my wife's sister in TX had the same LG my wife had, and had the same issues of the phone shutting down. So her sister returned the LG, and I sent her my old Verizon Casio G'zOne Boulder.

    I have an HP 42" Plasma, it lasted less than 3 years all because of 2 circuit boards, now it is a 100-lb door stop. A HP dv6000z Laptop on its 5th System/Motherboard, and I paid the extra $530 for the extended plan, so the Laptop ends up costing you $2000, and lasts less than a year.

    I know this is not the place to complain off topic, however I am very frustrated with poor products, performance and service. And as long as the OEM's can keep the user on a one to one dealing with, the masses cannot prevail having the same issues, our outlet are these Forums/Message boards, which are not monitored by the OEM's by someone, who can do something about it.

    Sure not everything is perfect or last forever, however using inferior products with your Brand Name on it, in my opinion makes for bad business. And to think if Medical Equipment was as problematic as SmartPhones, Computers or other products.

    And a reason for not returning in 14 days, could be accredited to your hoping there was an easy explanation or resolve. That you are not a Technician, so is the problem Software, Hardware, the Bluetooth want something that works when you need it, like in the middle of making a 911 Call or trying to make a 911 Call possibly. Which is not the time for the phone to go dead or the Bluetooth to stop working.

    And bottom line, we do not get what we pay for, only added Frustration and more out of the Pocket....FireDoc
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    Regards, D.R. "Doc" Young -

    Same Day Volunteer Researcher and appreciate all tokens of appreciation

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    Personally, I've never had good luck with plantronics. I've had the blue ant now for a few years and have not had an issue with it pairing to any BT device.

    Sent from my ADR6350 using Tapatalk
    X-Iphone user and lifelong AT&T Basher. She has the DINC 2, daughter has the DINC and Im rockin the Razr MAXX.

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    Thanks Animal67, the problem is not with Pairing, its staying Paired with the Incredible2, the Plantronics worked well with the LG enV phone previously owned and used with. We upgraded to the Incredible2, and the Plantronics paired just fine. And as Statona explained after speaking to a Verizon Employee, Verizon is saying there is a Software Issue with the Incredible2 that causes the dropping of your Parity.

    And the only way to resolve this is by removing the case/back covering the battery, removed the battery, (in my opinion a form of dropping any memory retaining the pairing settings/information) wait a few seconds, re-insert the battery and boot your phone.

    And when you do this, the Plantronics is recognized once again, paired and you can use until it happens again. Now I cannot say if this same thing would happen with any Bluetooth paired device, however I cannot afford to buy several BT's just to see if it is with this particular model Plantronics or any and all BT devices or if it is in fact the Incredible2.

    Best of Luck with your BlueAnt and Incredible2.....FireDoc

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