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Thread: Audio books?

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    Audio books?

    Does anyone know of a good source for audio books? I know that Audible and android don't play together.

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    Actually, you can join google groups android audible or something and download the beta player.. I have it it works great on the DInc

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    I didn't know that Audible was even thinking about an android app. Thanks.

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    Search for the app Audiobooks (Traveling Classics) in the Market. This app gives you free access to thousands of audio books in the public domain from Librivox.
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    Thanks, Diego. I knew about Librivox, but I didn't realize there was an app that would get them directly. I figured using Librivox would mean extra steps. I got the app today and I'm happy with it. I'm also impressed with the quality of recording of the book I'm starting with. I was under the impression that readings from there weren't so great. I guess this whole post proves that there's a lot that I don't know.

  7. #6 is who I use. They cost the same as Audible and only have about 70% of the books but you can use them in any media player on any device since they are not locked down like Audible. They have a one book and a two book plan like audible but unlike audible you can actually add more books any month for just about the same price as the plan books. Audible charges quite a bit more for additional books, even when your a member. Personally, Audible is a crock. There are plenty of places to get unprotected audiobooks yet they continue to say that it is the publishers not allowing this. Bullshit. Their apps are usually POS to. Enough ranting. The best book player I found for Android is Mortplayer Audiobook and they have a widget too. If you like it, think of donating. Its a great player with bookmarks and all and he provides a great deal of support. His regular audio player is confusing to me though so I would just stick with the audiobook player.

    For free books if your library supports it and most do, you can download Overdrive Media Console. This allows you to check out and listen to audiobooks from your local library and it is not intuitive how to use it but it works well once you figure it out and is a nice fill in for the few books tou might not find on Emusic. Only downfall to it is about half the books available on Overdrive are wma and for some reason even though most Android phones will play them Overdrive will only play mp3 titles. If your library is like mine, you can narrow the search to just mp3.

    Gutenburg project also has a nice collection of unprotected audiobooks for free. This is of course all orphan works and the such but if there is and older book you are looking for, it a good start since they are all free and it may save you a credit on Emusic. If your Library is like mine, there will be many more newer books than older books. They usually license limited collections, so try to keep it current.

    Though I don't believe in piracy, if you already have books you downloaded from Audible that you can't play because of their stupidity in not releasing a legitimate player yet, you should probably be able to re-download them at theaudiobookbay. Though not strictly legal, you did pay for them already and I would say that meets the criteria for fair use. There is a way audible gives you to strip DRM from their files, but it requires ITunes and some kind of burning program and it is a pain in the ass. You can only do it once per book and if it fails, as it often does, you need to call Audible and complain so they can reset it.

    Hope this helps.
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